Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A favorite part of fall

Each year in fall our Sugar Maple Tree catches fire. Its the main fall attraction of the neighborhood because there aren't many trees like it in Ponca City. We've had newstrucks stop and take pictures, photographers come do photo shoots, kids stop to pick up the brilliant falling leaves, and people craning their necks to stare as they drove by in cars. We didn't plant it, we don't make the colors, but we sure do love the tree too. When people stopped to ask if they could photograph it, I would say, "Sure, isn't it beautiful, please enjoy it with us. " 

Recent Pics

Aubrey came out the other day from rest time and said, "Look Mommy, I'm an indian." Well I looked and this is what I saw! The girl has got a real talent for dressing up creatively! 

Never mind me, look at Joe - he's so cute. Look how big he is. 24 lbs 3 oz as of yesterday at the Dr.s office. 

I usually don't put blurry pics on the blog, but the Joe smile on this one is so darling! 

Bunny continued his adventures by getting a Joe ride. Giddiyap little baby!