Monday, January 19, 2009

Little bites

We got a big box of apples and oranges from a friend recently. We put it on a lower shelf thinking it was safe. The girls haven't really bothered it much. But Joseph discovered it. He will crawl over to the box and pull himself up, peer over the side and reach one arm in to pull out an apple. Then he takes the biggest bite a little boy with just 6 teeth can take. (Little) Then the apple goes back and he grabs another. At this point, I think every apple has a bite taken out of it. Its so cute I can't bring myself to get rid of the darling little "one tiny bite" apples.

Can you crack the code?

Yes, this really does say something. See if you can read it!

For those of you that need a little help see the next picture (yes, she has a tendancy to write backwards).

It says: "Mom, I love you; I know you are not feeling good."

This is the latest in artwork from Aubrey

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas pictures...

mmm... not much in the way of Christmas pictures. We took our camera with good intentions, but when we discovered that our card was full and we couldn't download our pictures, that was the end of our photographing. Luckily the girls got digital cameras for Christmas - here are the highlights compliments of Aubrey and Heidi!

The boys got a new "do"

Joe got a haircut Sunday afternoon. It was crazy how much hair came off of that head of his! Maybe he won't be such a sweaty boy now. Anyway, he's a cute boy. See pictures of his daddy below, who also got a new "do". 

Standing up in the high chair

Joseph really likes food. One day I put him in his high chair and set his food on the table while I got something and when I turned around he had found a way to reach it. The Joe had managed to stand up while still wearing his high chair! (Never mind the girly pjs - we had a rough night the night before and I just pulled whatever I could grab on him... poor boy!)

The crafty lady inside me won again

I have been saving baby food jars for several months now thinking that I was going to use them for something. Then Christmastime rolled around and the crafty lady inside me started prodding me to do something with them. So I made hot cocoa mix and did a little extra and gave them out to as many people as I could before we left for Christmas vacation. As usual, it took more time and energy than I had to spare, but I think they're so darn cute! I'm pleased. 

Joe catcher

Joe has so much fun playing in the girls room, Aubrey had to engineer a solution to her problem.

A December visit from Grandma and Grandpa Barnhart

Better late than never. My parents came for a little visit in the beginning of December. 
It was so nice to have them visit. I know the kids thought so too.