Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Christmas in Seattle

Always Christmas crafts at Grandma's house

We met Oliver for the first time

Making the said manditory crafts

Santa was fun for everyone

Spellbound by the entertainers - Liz and Buck

Joe was selected to help perform a song

It put a smile on his face and a swagger in his step

Christmas morning

All dressed up for church on Christmas

On the way home we made a stop in Nebraska to see the "big heads"

The kids at the hotel the night before we got home after  33 hours in the car...

Pictures from November 2011

Aubrey's bunny cake

Aubrey's birthday celebration

Pappy and Joe

Pappy, Grammy, Erin, and Uncle Mike all came out for Aubrey's baptism

Grandma and Grandpa Barnhart came out for Aubrey's baptism

Our tree was lovely this year

Hannah's cupcakes for her Birthday celebration

Our yearly visit to the Christmas tree farm