Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter bunny hopped into town

The Easter Bunny Surprised us this year by bringing us treats outside! Brian saw the little brown bunny hopping around the back yard, and when he asked the kids to pick up their tools by the playset, Aubrey discovered this stunning array! The kids were thrilled, but I suspect the "Easter Bunny" was the most excited...

Brian just glowed with excitement. He was so excited to be the Easter Bunny this year. He got the kids all sorts of treats that Mrs. Easter Bunny would never approve of, much to the delight of little girls and boys. We were all happy.
Heidi expresses excitement in desires to do good things - When we got inside she informed us:
"If we say thank you to the Easter Bunny, he won't have to bite us!"
I keep telling the kids not to touch the little bunnies in our backyard, "They may look cute and sweet, but they'll bite your finger right off!" I guess Heidi concluded that the Easter Bunny will bite ungrateful boys and girls.

Early April

And here we have another Aubrey creation out of tinkertoys...

Its uncanny how much Heidi looks like my sister Erin in this picture...

FHE outside in the backyard

By request: Aubrey

So I hear I haven't blogged Aubrey as much as the rest... Well, she's been busy too. She is our resident artist - after being an engineer, she desires to be an artist. She draws elaborate pictures and as you can see below also creates works of art out of food. (Looks like she has my weakness for cute food!).
Also, she has learned to ride a two wheel bike. She wanted to be able to, so she pretty much took off her own training wheels and taught herself. Now she rides in fast, wild circles all over the driveway every chance she gets.
Bunny continues to be her best friend, and I am still forbidden from washing him - so he has turned a lovely shade of gray.
Saturday, we decided to go to the library as a family. Brian aasked Aubrey to get her shoes on so we could go, but it never happened - so, she got a talking to. It turned out that Aubrey cannot keep track of her shoes and they are all lost somewhere. She felt she shouldn't be expected to find them-
Aubrey: I'm not a finder like Heidi!
Brian: I know, you're a loser - uh, no, wait, um - I didn't mean that...
Anyway, we sure to love her.