Monday, December 15, 2008

I confess...

I am a closet foodie... I love looking at darling food. I found a book at the library last week called "Hello Cupcake", and I love looking at it. I doubt if I will ever make any of the pretty cupcakes and much less eat them (can you imagine eating those gobs of frosting? EW!), but I just love pretty food. Check out the book on Amazon.

(PS Don't drool on your keyboard)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

What??? No snacks?

The other evening Aubrey was in a naughty mood - naughty enough to lose her bedtime snack. When snacktime rolled around, Heidi and I went to the kitchen for snacks;  the whole time Aubrey made it very clear that she was disappointed by exclaiming many times, "I don't get a snack."  Brian, upon hearing this  replied, "That's right sweetie, you lost your snack privliges." Then, a sudden stroke of genius came over Aubrey, and in her best attempt to maintain an optamistic view of the world, exclaimed brigthly, "I know...I can have a water snack." When Brian heard this his heart was softened and he could not withhold, saying with a giggle, "Sure Aubrey you can have a water snack."  Aubrey then joyfully, as if she had been given all the chocalate in the world, went about filling up a sippy cup with water - and then enjoyed the "Water Snack" for the rest of the evening.  (Co-Authored by Brian)

Also Joe is finally crawling. He is so cute. He crawls sideways and forward - kind of funny looking but he gets where he's going. I love the big proud smile that comes with it. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Engineers fix things

Last week Brian decided to control access to lip gloss for the girls, so he closed the lip gloss lid very tightly. They finally badgered him enough that he gave them the lip gloss to play with. Heidi tried every which way she could to twist the lid off and just couldn't get it. So Aubrey, thinking she could do better says, "Heidi, give it to me, I'm an engineer." 
So, that's why she goes around the house "fixing" things... hmmmm. 
Heidi has decided that Aubrey can't be the only one with special super powers. She claims that she is an engineer too, "because I find things." 
Gee, my kids really have put a new spin on being an engineer - to them they are fix-it superheros (rather than the downward shoe staring, pocket protecting, social inepts)
So Cheers to the Engineers!

The Howards Visit

A wonderful time was had by all when the Howards came for a visit the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We played, made cookies, had lunch and took a walk up to the mansion. The day passed all too quickly. 

Turkey Bowl