Sunday, February 22, 2009


Mom has been touting the virtues of the green smoothie. It will make you run faster, jump higher and even do your dishes for you... well, maybe not all that. I tuned out the virtues after the first few and just put "green smoothie is good for you" on my "to do" list. So, since we are slowly going darker shades of green over here all the time I thought, sure, I'll give it a try. (We are building an organic garden, making our own compost and even getting really excited about manure!)
Brian stuffed a whole bunch of kale into the food processer, added a couple bananas, a couple apples, some berries and some yogurt. Voila! Dark green kind of grainy textured smoothie! (I learned later that it is better smooth and not so texturey.) Big glass for Brian, Big glass for me, little glass for Aub and Heid, and some in a sippy for Joe. And down they went. Pretty good. The girls even asked for more! Next time we'll change some things, but for a first time it really was quite successful...until...

Remember the berries? Let me tell you - I really think Tide can do miracles. And it took me a half hour to scrub berries out of the carpet (I just got it cleaned last week - go figure...). All in all we are unscathed.

Friday, February 13, 2009


How to walk like a family

Hot Stuff

You know those spicy hot Jolly Ranchers that are bright red? Too hot for me - But not for Joe. He seems to really like them.


I think kids in PJs are so cute!

Pictures of many good things

Big Joe is 1!!!

Joseph turned one last month. We had a nice little family party with lots of fun toys from friends and family. Happy Birthday Joe!