Thursday, May 17, 2012

May Daze

Brian helped plan the ward campout and  BBQ cookoff. His brisket also won the contest... A man who can cook - I'm in love.  

Hannah was feeling less than good at the campout. 

Two too cool chicas in the car

Joe is only cooler than cool in his new shades

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

April Pictures

One Sunday morning, the kids decided to sail away before church. Not that anyone could make it very far with a boat made of bricks.

My tiny man, Joe

Hannah made a bunny rabbit out of a banana, almond and Doritos... 

Aren't they so cute. When I first saw them, Joe had his arm around Hannah.

Aubrey went out when she discovered I was taking pictures

Heidi followed soon after

I asked the kids to sort the laundry. This isn't the way I would have done it. Yes, that is Heidi flying through the air. Yes, there are three laundry baskets stacked. They are pretending it is a Christmas tree and they are decorating it (with dirty laundry)

Joe brings me flowers daily - from the neighbor's rose bush. How can I say no to that face???

Joe went to Brian's barber for the first time. He now has a real guy hair cut. 

Watching cauliflower grow is cool - just ask the cabbage worms that watched it grow as they munched it. 

Cabbage worms like broccoli too

The front bed: carrots, pole beans and flowers. The trellis is lovely, non? 

Lush green garden. Thank you April showers!!!

March Madness...

Aubrey performed a hymn at a Composers Workshop

How typical is that of Aubrey? She made holes in her apple and filled them with peanut butter!

No, its not the Canibal King - its Lettuce Man

We planted tomatoes