Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Family Farm - Finally unveiled!

With all our focus on the garden, it is surprising that we haven't posted any pictures yet. Well, thats about to change.

Brian engineered trellises for the green beans, tomatoes and cucumbers.
Pepper plants, started inside, babied to perfection... sort of. Lets see what kind of peppers they produce.
These would be newly sprouted cucumbers
Potato plants have made a happy little home here.

This is Brian's #1 favorite tomato plant.
Our corn is fun to watch grow. One day last week, one of the plants grew about 4 inches in one day!

These green beans have such cute heart shaped leaves

Our lettuce didn't grow too good in its rock hard bed, but a few lucky plants found a soft corner and went wild - lucky us. The salad was yummy.

The onions have been fun to watch pop out of the ground. I hope I didn't plant them to shallow.
Well, thats it for our online garden tour for now. More pictures to come of lush, green, wildly producing plants... We hope.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Itty bitty Harvest

YAY! Today we had our first itttty bitty harvest! This morning, Brian consigned a poor unfortuneate potato plant to the compost bin, after discovering a virus beginning to take over. At the bottom of the potato plant was the world's itty bittiest little potato. Probably 1/4th inch all around.
A bit later this morning, I came into the kitchen and saw him microwaving a toy story melamine plate... with nothing on it. I made inquiry, and was informed that he was cooking his potato and planned to eat it. Well, we split that itty bitty thing four ways and enjoyed our first fruits of the garden. New potatoes are tasty little things.

Picture overload

Here are some pictures to keep you visually updated, witty writing to come forth at a later time.