Thursday, October 6, 2011

A picture of summer and fall

Sorry, I have lacked in the blogging department lately. Just too busy living I guess. Summer was fun. School started. Here are some pictures.

School started in the beginning of August, but I took these pictures today.

Yesterday we played in the sink with bubbles. The little ones had a blast.

Joe and Hannah like a change of pace for breakfast time location.
I love when the kids all play together. That happened a lot this summer.

This is our honorary dog. He walks by, we feed him treats and pat his fur, then he goes home. We have a good relationship. His "Mommy"made these aprons for the girls.
My birthday cake tasted as good as it looked. YUM.
Aubrey had a piano recital back in August. She did very well.
It was a hot summer... You notice there are no garden pictures here. There is a reason for that.
I made smoothies one day and Heidi got impatient for her sluggish purple smoothie to flow into her mouth - so she tipped it all the way up...