Sunday, December 6, 2009

And now, for the rest of the story...

I always enjoy hearing the whole story behind the birth, so I thought I would share for anyone who enjoys birth stories too.

Well, bedrest was fun, but I said goodbye to it at 37 weeks. Now free to do whatever it was that I wasn't doing, I found I didn't care much to increase my activity level. I was tired of being pregnant, but not so sure I really wanted to get to the labor part yet. The whole time I was on bedrest I did not dialate past a 1 or 2, and then at my next Dr. appointment, I was a 4-5. I went grocery shopping and ran errends all week. At 38 1/2 weeks I was finally miserable enough to overcome my fear of labor. It was the day before Thanksgiving, Brian had the day off, we weren't doing anything in particular, and I had a Dr. appointment. I curled my hair (for the first time in at least a year), put on my makeup and contacts and brought my hospital bag to the appointment.

So, I was now 5-6 cm dialated, the Dr and I worked out a deal. Lets have the baby today he said. I said ok. So we went home, called our families to announce the good news, told the kids the deal, got a few odds and ends and headed up to the hospital after eating lunch (I anticipated being starved by the hospital staff until the baby was delivered). So peaceful.

You see, I had been expecting some real drama for labor - like living 2 minutes away from the hospital and not making it with labor progressing too fast. I had several preferences I wanted honored and had worked it all into my chart already, but knew that if I came in in a rush, it would all fall apart. Also, I was B Strep positive, so I had to get the antibiotic IV, however, if labor only took 30 min. like the last one, it would have been pointless to do the IV and the baby had a chance of getting pretty sick. Well, we got that taken care of too.

I went in, they gave me the IV right where I wanted it. I spent 4 hours getting antibiotics into my system. Boooorrrinnngggg... Had to be on the lame-o monitor the whole time. Almost tied to that uncomfortable hospital bed. IV on one side, monitors on the other. I was very happy when I could take a break from the monitors and walk around with the IV trailing behind. In fact, the nurses found it difficult to get me back onto the hospital bed once I was up. Finally I sat back down on the bed and the monitors were left off of me. (I really felt like I got away with something!)

Not long later the doctor came in to break my water. Let's see, that was about 7 PM. Interestingly enough, just sitting in that hospital room all after noon, I dilated to about 7 - it looks like the baby was going to come that day anyway. Well, that was a piece of luck we were already in the hospital. With the water broken, the contractions became more intense. I made sure that I was sitting up to endure them rather than lying down on that bed. There weren't many contractions before, beginning with my tongue, my whole body lit on fire (just like last time only not as bad). The nurse called for a fan, and then it was time to push. They called in the doctor, and he hurried to get ready, surprised at the speed at which this baby was coming (in spite of repeated warnings from us). We managed an upright position for pushing, and a couple pushes and she was out - at 7:31 PM. I didn't have as much pain as the previous times, and I was very satisfied with the whole event. Not lying in that bed was a great decision. The doctor was glad he didn't go downstairs for a soda - he had no idea the baby would come so fast.
As the doctor was finishing up with me, another nurse came in with the fan.... kind of late. We all had a good laugh. Hannah had a little trouble with breathing at first, but after a few minutes she came to visit me. Such a beautiful dark haired girl!

And the rest... is still being written.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Heaven just sent us...

A brand new beautiful baby girl!
Announcing Hannah Mary Critchfield
Born: November 25, 2009 at 7:30 PM
Weight: 6 lbs 14 oz
Height: 19 inHead: Thick, dark hair!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Our family Birthday celebration for Aubrey's 6th!

Aubrey is now 6 years old! Happy birthday Aubreyjeanie!

Its almost time to pop

These are some pictures from this week. Smiles in the pictures, but mostly I've been pretty grumpy. At my Dr. appointment yesterday, I was dialated to a nearly 5. Perhaps my labors aren't quick - perhaps they are excruciatingly slow... lasting weeks... Ugh.
On a brighter note - so looking forward to our cute little girl.

Friday, November 6, 2009

More October

Here is more from October. And a few words about the last few months. Its been busy. With this pregnancy we've gone from plan A to plan B, to plan C, D, E, F, G, H... I think we're on plan H now. At 30 weeks at the very end of September, I went to the hospital with early labor contractions. They stopped it, gave me terbutaline (I call them jitter pills) and sent me home with instructions to rest (plan B). The contractions continued but were pretty controlled by the medicine. The Doctor officially upgraded (downgraded?) me to bedrest (plan C). What to do about being in bed all day and not being able to do much of anything was the substance of plans C through F. Many, many kind friends have helped us out in so many ways from watching the kids, to making dinner and doing dishes so I could have the elders for dinner (that was while I was still in denial about what "bedrest" means.), many have brought meals, and I've even made a new friend with the person taking Aubrey home from school each day. Brian has been wonderful. My angel husband took over everything from dishes, laundry, kids, dinner, errends, etc. etc. etc. - I think he is amazing. Nothing short of the hand of the God has sustained him in his double portion of the family burden.
The kids got the influenza A a few weeks ago. They all tested negative, but with the high rate of false negatives, and the symptoms they experienced, we assume it must be the flu. They were all sick. Brian and I stayed well, but I went ahead and made the decision to get the H1N1 vaccine. I got it, and a few days later, Aubrey got sick with strep. Brian took her to the Doctor and she tested positive for flu and strep. She had the speediest recovery on record and was back to school on Monday after the weekend. We suspect the flu results were leftovers from being sick with the flu the week before. She got medicine for both, and I called the pediatrician and my Dr and got everyone else on Tamiflu - Except Brian who was supposed to have a perscription called in, but it never got to the pharmacy - twice. Then it was too late. Brian got the flu and strep throat, went to the Dr and got some medicine for both, but he has really suffered. With Brian out of commission, and my really reduced capacity for... anything, its been interesting. So I guess that brings us to plan G. We have been so blessed by the relief society this week. Several families have brought us dinners which has helped out immeasurably - just enough to keep us afloat until Brian gets better. We are so thankful, how can we complain? Nothing has really gone as planned, but neither had we planned on being so blessed during this time.
So, all is well. I will be 36 weeks on Monday and the little girl and I are healthy. Around 37 weeks I will officially be off bedrest, but I don't know that I would be able to increase my activity much even if I wanted to! Oh well, come what may!

Here are pictures from my latest ultrasound this week. The first one has a very good picture of the little girl's face. Is she not beautiful? The doctor was able to catch some hair on the ultrasound - its already fairly long. What excitement!

This week's situation has necessitated some creative dressing as the laundry is not getting done. Joe had to wear his sister's pink shirt to bed... and no one changed it the next day! He's ok - very secure in his boyhood.

These are the arrangements Brian made before he got sick to keep the germs at bay. Notice also the many medications and syrenges - There's more drugs there now...

Saturday, October 31, 2009