Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just when you think its bad, it can get so much worse!

A few weeks ago, my sister Erin passed on a bit of sage advice she received from an old missionary companion while on her mission in Germany. The advice is this:
Don't eat your feelings.
You know, when you're feeling blue and your first thought is some nice cold, creamy comforting ice cream. I've been there, you've been there too... (If you haven't, leave me a comment - I want to know who you are!)
Well, last week was another one of those weeks (preceeded by another one of those weeks, preceeded by another one of those weeks) when you just have to tie a knot at the end of your rope and hang on until the passing of time brings relief. Well, time wasn't working. I called Brian crying, took the kids to a friends house and headed home for a nap. On the way home (now, I forget the exact justification) I told myself it would be wise to get some takeout food so I wouldn't have to fix anything - just eat lunch and get to sleep - no wasting precious time. Now where? Where? Where? Hey, how about that Chinese food place Brian has been saying deserves a second chance (The first chance we gave them, they served some kind of chicken they said was General Tzos, but I wasn't so impressed). Sure, fast, cheap - why not?
I ordered some sweet and sour chicken (they can't mess that up), and went home to eat about half of what they gave me (which was plenty in itself). Took a nap, got the kids, cursed myself for getting Chinese and feeling the Chinese food belly. Brian came home, ate a few bites of the sweet and sour chicken, and then got to work making enchiladas for dinner. A few hours after dinner my Chinese belly took a turn for the worse. I wanted to diiiieeeeeee.... What ensued were the classic symptoms of food poisoning we are all familar with - I will spare you details. Brian suffered with me, although he was definintely much better off. The next day I spent sleeping, nursing Miss Hannah and in other activities uncontemplateable. A bad day. Well, Saturday was bad, Sunday, not good, Monday better but not good, Tuesday better, and today a week later, I am feeling like myself again. However, on the bright side, I've completely forgotten what made me so crazy in the first place last week, so I am actually doing better than before. Isn't that nice!
So next time I want to "eat my feelings", I'm going to remember this and -
NOT do that again!